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    Social WiFi

    Provide free Wi-Fi for customers, contact customers directly and increase positive reviews

    Offer your guests a secure and easy-to-use Wi-Fi network whilst also collecting customer contact details and insights into your customers demographics. Your guests see a fully customisable Wi-Fi login screen where they can connect to the Wi-Fi using their social media or email accounts. You can then use this information to contact your customers directly with promotions, newsletters and even birthday messages.

    Engage with your Customers

    Engage directly with guests for more repeat business

    Use the information collected by your Social Wi-Fi network to engage directly with your customers. By engaging with your guests directly you can greatly increase your chance of repeat business. Use our software to easily setup email campaigns, send personalised messages, deliver promotional newsletters, encourage customers to leave a review and more.

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    Demographic targeting

    Maximise your marketing campaigns

    You can even target specific demographics with personalised content to maximise the success of your marketing campaigns. Automated email messages can be sent via the dashboard to help you stay in touch with guests after their visit such as birthday messages and seasonal offers.

    Connect with popular social platforms

    Easy Setup

    Plug and Play Wi-Fi for your Guests

    It couldn’t be easier to setup our Social Wi-fi in your business. For many businesses all you need to do is install our premium plug-and-play router and you’re ready to go. If you require a larger reach for your Wi-Fi, then our team can install a new network to suit your premises or utilise your current infrastructure. Once your network is ready, you can manage it easily from our user-friendly dashboard interface.

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    Grow your Followers

    Get more followers across your social media profiles

    When your guests log in to your Wi-Fi network they can sign in using their social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can direct your guests to follow or like your business’ social media profiles as they login. You can also encourage them to ‘check into’ your business which displays on both their Facebook feed and yours. These practices help to boost your online presence, so you can sit back and watch your online followers, and potential customer base, increase.

    Boost Positive Reviews

    Get more online reviews from your customers

    Once your guests have connected to your Wi-Fi you can send them an automated email asking them to leave an online review or encourage them to send you direct feedback. You can target both first-time and returning guests with these messages. Also, you can email guests automatically after they have left your business, to encourage them to leave a review, this is the most effective way to boost your online reviews.

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    Online review management

    Easily Manage Online Reviews

    Manage all your online reviews from one platform

    Around 80% of people use online reviews to influence their decisions whether or not to use a business. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you are focused on increasing your positive reviews and managing negative reviews properly. Our software allows you to collect and respond to all your online reviews from a single platform. This means you can save a lot of time and gain insights into the performance of your business. You can also filter your reviews by categories such as positive, negative and unanswered which helps you to manage and respond to customers quickly and effectively.

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