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Competitive Energy

Business Energy

Get competitive energy contracts

Sirus offer extremely competitive energy contracts for our customers by comparing costs from major energy suppliers. We can also supply you with Green Energy from sources such as solar, wind and tidal. If you’re looking for energy for your business, Sirus can help you reduce costs by getting you a better commercial energy contract to suit your exact requirements.

Hassle Free

We’ll take care of your energy

We know you have a business to run, so Sirus can take care of finding a new energy tariff that is not only right for your business but saves you money as well. We will help you manage your business energy use more efficiently, including using half-hourly metering, ensuring that you only pay the best rates for your needs.

Hassle Free Energy
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Energy Savings

Save big on your energy bills

Your business could typically save between 10 – 20% on energy costs and in some cases 50% by using Sirus. We work alongside the top energy suppliers to ensure we can find you the best deals on offer. It’s important for us to get to know your business to help us to get the best possible prices for your energy, we can also advise you on how to use energy more efficiently to lower your usage. We will install Smart Meters for you to help cut your energy bills, these also include half-hourly metering functionality.

Energy Contract Assessment

Making sure you’re paying the right price

We will assess your current energy usage and the prices you are currently billed to ensure you have been being charged the price that was originally agreed. We will even conduct an accuracy check for your first bill to ensure you are getting the cheapest deal. Sirus will also proactively manage your energy contracts to make sure you never fall into out-of-contract rates and only renew contracts at the optimal time.

Assessing your energy contracts
Multiple Glass Office buildings

Multisite Energy

align all sites, services and contract end dates

Sirus can manage energy contracts for multiple sites, handling the entire process for each site from start to finish, even if this involves dealing with multiple suppliers. We can even align all your sites, services and contract end dates, making it much simpler to manage your energy.

Future Proof Pricing

secure great energy prices today but for the future

We can forward price energy contracts meaning we can secure you energy prices at today’s rates for a contract that doesn’t start until the future. This allows our customers to secure great energy prices even when they still have an active contract.

Energy contract assessment
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Switching is easy

We take the pain out of switching

Switching your electricity supplier with Sirus is easy and pain free, we’ll manage the whole process for you, and we’ll make sure there will be no disruption to your business. Once you have switched you can send us your bills and we’ll make sure you’re being charged what was agreed.

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