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    call packages

    Call Packages

    Highly competitive call packages to suit your business needs

    Sirus offer a range of highly competitive business call plans that will help you reduce costs and make significant savings on your monthly telecoms expenditure. Our packages are designed specifically for business users with bespoke call packages to meet your businesses usage levels.

    Bill Analysis

    Take advantage of our free bill analysis service!

    Sirus will look closely at your current bill to analyse your call patterns and current level of usage. This allows us to design a tailored call package to suit your business needs.
    Our business tariffs are highly competitive and will allow you to cut your monthly costs significantly by making major savings on all your local, national and international calls.

    Save up to 40% on Your Call Costs

    Bill Analysis
    Handsets from the leading brands

    Bill Consolidation

    Consolidate your services onto a single simple to understand bill

    If you are using a variety of suppliers controlling your telecoms expenses can be a complicated and time-consuming process. We can combine services and provide one simple and easy to understand monthly bill. This will provide a detailed breakdown of all your telecoms expenditure allowing you to keep a tighter control on your finances.

    What is a SIP Trunk?

    SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a protocol used for controlling communication from a phone system.
    In simple terms a SIP trunk allows you to send both voice and video calls via your broadband connection. SIP Trunking is set to replace analogue and ISDN lines as the standard in the UK, with PSTN and ISDN networks due to be switched off in 2025.

    Line Options

    A solution that is personalised to your needs

    Whether your business is a small office or a multi-site organisation we can help you make substantial savings on your telephone line rental costs with our range of business grade communication products. We are able to transfer existing services and install new phone lines for any type of analogue, digital and VoIP enabled lines covering all your voice and data communication needs.

    Line Options
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    SIP Trunks

    Easily scalable, flexible and affordable

    SIP Trunking enables voice communication between your on-premises or cloud telephone system. SIP trunks can easily be scaled up or down in number of lines depending on your business needs.


    SIP Trunks are extremely flexible and can save your business a significant amount of money on line rental and call charges.

    Analogue & Digital Lines

    Competitively priced traditional phone lines

    SIP Trunks might not be the right choice for everyone, so we also offer both analogue lines and digital lines available. Sirus offer extremely competitive line rental and simple to read bills, making it easy to consolidate all your call and line charges onto a single bill.

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    Great Business Partnerships

    Switch with Ease

    Fully managed call and line migration

    You can be confident that switching to Sirus will not cause any disruption to your business and that your operations will remain uninterrupted. Our line installation services are seamless and are backed by a first-class customer service and fault management team. We have direct access to the BT Openreach network to schedule installations and resolve faults, so you can be rest assured that your line orders will have the same lead times and quality of service that is provided by BT but with the addition of a great customer service experience.

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