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    CCTV Installation

    Professional CCTV installation

    Here at Sirus we specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of professional CCTV systems. Whether you need to change your analogue cameras to IP or install new high-definition security cameras in your business, Sirus has the expertise to install systems to suit all budgets. Our experience allows us to cater for both small businesses, larger corporate and industrial sites.

    CCTV Upgrades

    High-Definition CCTV upgrades

    We can upgrade any analogue system to a full high-definition IP system and can even partly upgrade your system leaving some of it analogue and some HD. This will allow you upgrade your system in stages rather than in one big hit. Once you see the difference in image quality most customers upgrade their entire system to full HD. All upgraded systems can be remotely monitored with any pc or smart phone device.

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    Get the best quality imagery

    High Definition IP Cameras

    Modern HD CCTV cameras can capture stunningly crisp video to ensure you will be able to see all the detail when you need it. The HD cameras we offer have amazingly high-resolutions, up to 12 mega pixels. These HD IP cameras can run on an existing network infrastructure, meaning that you can save money on cabling and installation.

    Covert Security

    Disguised High-Definition Security

    Sirus can help install covert security systems without anyone knowing they are there. They can be disguised in all kinds of objects to avoid detection and the system can be installed and maintained outside of staff working hours. The security system still produces high definition images as well as the ability to be monitored remotely.

    Covert CCTV Camera
    Engineer fitting a CCTV Camera

    Proactive Maintenance

    Ensuring your CCTV systems are working efficiently

    Due to business environments, weather and age, CCTV system can start to deteriorate. With a Sirus maintenance plan, we can ensure your CCTV systems are working efficiently all the time. Our engineers can detect both system and camera issues remotely, respond to and fix issues quickly.


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