Sirus Monthly Update

It’s been a great start to the year for team Sirus!

Customer Satisfaction

In 2019, we’re making a big push to keep up to date with how you feel about your experience with Sirus. If you’ve spoken to us recently you might have noticed customer satisfaction survey drop into your inbox . Every response helps us track how we’re doing and what we can do to improve at every stage of the sales, installation and aftercare process.

If you haven’t heard from us just yet don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! You’ll have chance to give us your feedback soon.

Here’s how we did in January…

  • 95%* of prospects were satisfied with their pre-sales experience
  • 94.4%* of prospects and new customers were satisfied at the point of sale
  • 85%* of existing customers were satisfied with our ongoing technical support


New additions

In January we welcomed Debby and James to our customer service team, so they’ll now be on hand to help with any service or billing queries you may have.

Keep an eye out throughout February for more additions as we expand our sales team.


Training and development

We’ve already mentioned engineer Lewis’ fantastic achievements this year, and he’s since been doing a fantastic job out on the road with the rest of the technical team.

We’ve also been continuing our training for the sales team. Everything they’ve learned has been falling into place and has led to a fantastic month.


*based on a survey of 100 people