Expand and upgrade your current phone system to LG-Ericsson, the perfect business telephone system


Sirus Telecom recommends LG telephone systems' IPECS range for small to medium sized businesses. These systems are designed to be flexible and cost-effective with functionality which is normally found on much larger systems.

The IPECS range is packed full of features you expect and some you might not at this price point. The LG - Ericsson IPECS system helps make the day to day running of your business simple, improving productivity. The IP based connectivity, allows businesses to run the internal telephony system over a LAN (Local network), with a mix of dedicated IP handsets, or computer based soft phones, installation is straightforward and systems are easy to maintain and upgrade. The system is centrally managed and comes with built in web administration, enabling Sirus Telecom to maintain your telephone system from their offices based in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. Employees will be able to access their system whether they are in the office or on the road thanks to the IPECS telephone systems full suite of mobile call options, so you will never miss a call.

Expand your phone system as your business grows the LG-Ericsson IPECS range. This telephone system allows you add new phones to your network with growth capabilities from 20 to 1000 users. The system can be installed on a single or multiple sites, which is ideal for larger organisations with multiple branches or satellite offices. This allows employees to connect from anywhere there is a common IP network.

As one of our preferred suppliers LG has a heritage of over 10 years in delivering top of the range business telephone systems making them an excellent choice for your business.

To find out more about this range call us on 0333 222 1133.


Key Features

One Touch Recording - Take the heat out of misunderstandings by reviewing exactly what was communicated to your customers by using the one touch record facility.
Mobile Extension - Users with mobile extension enabled will have their inbound calls delivered to both their desktop handset and mobile phone, allowing them to advertise just one telephone number to reach them on multiple devices, regardless of where they are.
Hot Desking - The perfect solution for multiple members of staff when sharing a single desk and handset.
CTI - Computer Telephony Integration, is a term used when any telephone and computer actions are integrated or coordinated. Click to dial is probably the most basic of integrations, allowing a user to call a number by clicking on their PC.
VoIP - VoIP, or Voice over internet protocol, is a method of delivering voice communications over internet connectivity such as ADSL broadband and fibre leased lines.
Linked Sites - Dial a colleague in your Newcastle office from Stockton using their extension number, and pay no call charges at all.









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