The ideal telephone system solution for your business


The Panasonic business communication system is perfect for any size of business operating within a number of industry sectors, from one-site organisations to multinational companies the Panasonic telephone system offers both flexibility and reliability. These systems will provide all that is required to maintain communication with your current and prospective clients.

These phone systems offer efficient communication across locations and even time zones thanks to their accurate and enhanced routing options making integration with computer systems simple. They are powerful and host an array of features which are fully configurable enabling the system to grow alongside your business.  

Our range of Panasonic communication products are suited to a variety of needs and include traditional desk handsets, advanced multi-site IP based network platforms, Hybrid Phone Systems, Digital Phone Systems and Analogue Systems, all of which offer exceptional flexibility and manageability. Sirius Telecom are able to install these business phone systems quickly, guiding the user through a simple setup procedure allowing your business to move forward in its communications with minimal disruption.     

We can reduce your costs and improve efficiency by providing a Panasonic IP system. The range of IP PBX systems centralise all communications cutting down on management time. These systems offer feature-rich functionality within a traditional telephone device and are ideal for larger organisations. 

With a host of advanced features for efficient, flexible call management, the Panasonic analogue phone system migrates IP functionality gradually. This is an ideal solution when working within the confines of a smaller budget. This phone system comes fully configured but has added functionality for future expansion.

The Panasonic hydrid phone systems combine the advantages of traditional telecommunications with the flexibility and efficiency of IP technology with a range of wired and wireless communications systems and devices. The reliable PBX products coupled with IP technology offer feature-rich functionality handling all your business communication needs with ease.


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Key Features

Voicemail - Voicemail is an essential feature in this day and age and allows callers to leave messages in specific mail boxes usually assigned to employees or departments.
Speed Dial - Assign commonly dialled numbers to a button on the handset. Pressing that button will then dial the number associated with that button.
Auto-Attendant - The automated attendant often takes the place of a real receptionist. We’ve all interacted with auto-attendants before – they are the recorded messages you hear when you call a business that provide you with call routing options such as “press 3 to speak with someone in customer service.”
CTI - allow the PBX Phone System and computers to interact. Allowing callers to click on a number displayed on their computer screen to dial that number is an example of CTI use.
Find Me/Follow Me - Find me/follow me service allows the PBX Phone System to track down employees regardless of their location. For example, a salesperson may tell the PBX Phone System to route inbound calls from his office line to his mobile phone when he is on the road.
Direct Dial Inwards - Allow selected individual extensions or groups of extensions to have unique telephone numbers at a fraction of the cost of direct exchange lines.

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