SIP Trunks

Designed for businesses that are looking for increased flexibility and cost reduction


SIP Trunking enables voice communication between your telephone system (PBX) and the telephone network to share your data connections.

Our Business Talk SIP product has been designed for businesses that are looking for increased flexibility and cost reduction from their current phone service, and represents either a full or partial replacement of traditional analogue or digital ISDN lines.

It can be used as a more cost effective and quicker way of providing additional capacity to your business. This is particularly useful when relocating offices, or when staffing levels are flexible.

As an alternative to traditional telephone connections, SIP Trunks provides a fully featured, cost effective and proven choice for voice communication. Delivered exclusively over our award-winning Connectivity products, and carried across our highly resilient network, you can be assured of excellent call quality.

There are additional benefits of SIP Trunks for disaster recovery and business continuity planning applications. In the event that your business is forced to close an office in an emergency, your calls can be automatically re-routed to another office or answering location. This allows your business to continue even if in temporary accommodation.   



Key Features

Extensive costs savings - benefit from more affordable connection, rental and call charges compared to traditional ISDN services. 
Number flexibility - use numbers from any area in the UK, giving your business a local presence and feel to your customers.
Business continuity - support your disaster recovery strategies as alternative routing can be automatically implemented in emergency situations saving money on costly call-forwarding.
Highly scalable - as your business grows, additional call capacity can be added quickly, and in much less time than traditional ISDN services
Number portability - if you are looking to move to SIP from ISDN, then you can bring your numbers with you.
Convergence - our SIP Trunking connects your phone system to the public telephone network via the same network connection as your data services, lowering your costs and improving your service


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