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ADSL is an abbreviation of asymmetric digital subscriber line – which basically refers to broadband through a telephone line.

Unlike dial-up, which uses the phone line to make a connection, ADSL actually works alongside the frequencies used for voice telephone calling, therefore allowing you to continue to make phone calls while using the internet. It enables faster data transmission through a single connection, but allows users to download data and make voice calls at the same time.

The distinguishing factor of ADSL is that the flow of data is greater in one direction than it is in the other – hence the name ‘asymmetric’. This is why download speeds are far greater than upload speeds. Consequently, ADSL broadband is usually marketed towards passive internet customers who rely on downloads but have little emphasis on uploads. The top speeds for downloads are usually 8Mb, and the top speeds for uploads are usually below 1Mb.

ADSL broadband is widely available in the UK – with coverage accessible for more than 99% of the UK population. As such, the majority of homes in the UK have ADSL connections.

Fibre optic broadband is promising super-fast speeds

The latest advancement in broadband technology, fibre optic broadband is promising super-fast speeds for all of your daily internet needs. Its name comes from the use of plastic or glass cables, which allow for faster data transfer compared to the standard copper wires which are used in regular broadband connections.

Other than this detail, it’s practically the same as standard broadband connections you’ll find across the country, only offering higher speeds. It won’t require a fancy computer to use and doesn’t ask you to use any specific software, making it incredibly easy to use.

Super Fast Broadband has up to four times the power for downloads and 20 times for uploads.

Our cost-effective fibre broadband supports web-based software (such as CRM, HR and finance systems), video conferencing and large file transfers. It’s ideal for multiple users and devices using the same connection, making your business more productive.

Key Features

The best possible speed that the line will support. Up to 24Mb downstream
Increase in upstream speeds with up to 1Mb (compared to ADSL Max 800Kb)
Assured Rate Broadband products for applications needing low latency – ideal for SirusSIP Trunks
Static IP address included as standard
Great value line rental
Use existing line - there is no need to get a new line installed


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