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Hosted PBX systems give small and mid-size businesses a competitive edge

Posted on June 29, 2017 by

With technological trends moving faster than ever before, it’s important to keep the way we communicate with our employees, clients and co workers current.


Telecommunications is largely responsible for improving a company’s productivity, efficiency, and bottom line. When best practices are put in place, employees are happier and better informed, clients are better served, and company morale soars. Having an efficient communication system not only enables employees to successfully share ideas and organizes content, but it ultimately leads to improving businesses’ bottom line.

Many companies, especially smaller ones, hit barriers when attempting to gain access to these feature-rich communication systems. Issues like high equipment costs, complicated systems and scalability immediately come to the forefront, preventing companies from purchasing or upgrading their premise-based phone systems to the latest and greatest.

Hosted PBX phone systems, let business owners deliver advanced communication solutions without the high costs and complexity of traditional PBX systems. Advanced telecom features allow business owners to:


  • Increase efficiency: Features like auto attendant and advanced call routing ensure calls are automatically transferred to the right source with minimal hold time so companies can spend more time making the phone ring and less time managing calls.

  • Boost productivity: The ability to forward voicemail messages to your email, seamlessly transfer calls across locations or offices, and perform mid-call, office-to-mobile hand-offs ensure businesses never have to be stuck at their desk when opportunity calls.

  • Improve reliability: Ensure multi-site companies, mobile workforces, and remote employees stay connected with a secure cloud server. Business owners get access to business-class features without the hassle and expense of buying, installing, and managing a premise based PBX system.


A hosted service goes a step further, allowing business owners to tailor products to specifically address company needs. Here are three ways it can help:


  • Cut costs:“I can’t afford equipment costs and maintenance.” By offering enterprise-level communication services without the high-equipment cost associated with traditional premise based phone systems (PBX), businesses can cut costs with a managed cloud-based service instead of purchasing and maintaining servers of their own.

  • Stay connected:“My team works all over the place.” Now business owners can seamlessly integrate multiple offices and mobile devices to communicate with customers from anywhere. Features such as simultaneous ring, route the same call to office and cell lines at the same time, allows employee to stay on the move.

  • Flexibility:“I don’t have the time or means to manage a PBX system.” Having predictable monthly expenses rather than a yearly contract makes it easy to switch and save. When businesses have the luxury of year-round, 24-7 management and monitoring, they are better suited to deliver greater reliability and security than any other solution. A service like Hosted Voice is fully scalable to meet ever-changing business needs.


It is possible to gain all the perks of enterprise phone systems without breaking the bank. Once a better communication solution is in place, your business will not only run more smoothly and efficiently, but your connectivity with employees and prospective customers will grow by leaps and bounds.