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Maximise productivity and reduce costs with the iPECS Communicator

Posted on November 25, 2015 by

The Ericsson-LG iPECS Communicator brings all the features and functionality of your iPECS desk phone into the palm of your hand on your smartphone. iPECS Communicator is designed for both iOS and Android platforms and integrates your mobile devices seamlessly into your iPECS telephony infrastructure.

Ericsson-LG iPECS Communicator is the Enterprise SIP Mobile Client designed to maximise productivity and reduce costs by shifting calls from cellular to Wi-Fi networks.

The Ericsson-LG iPECS Communicator extends the power of a desk phone and unified communications to existing mobile devices and allows flexible communication from any location (office, home, hotspots) by utilising a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Mobile users can use less “minutes” and reduce their subscription costs by shifting more network minutes to Wi-Fi minutes.

  • SIP Client Software for smartphones, designed for mobile workers
  • Apply proven call technologies from Ericsson-LG – a leading global vendor for the past 40 years
  • Flexible features and high quality voice that easily integrate with iPECS Call Server Platform


Watch the video below to find out how this can benefit your business.


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Being Cre8tive with Sirus!

Posted on November 17, 2015 by

Who are Cre8tive Rooms?

Formerly known as Proshot Simulation, Cre8tive Rooms is focused on existing or about to be built rooms and turning them into fun, usable spaces using the latest technology and creative ideas. We provide the latest in Home Cinema Systems, Home Golf Simulators, as well as the Commercial Cre8tive Rooms Golf Simulators and Cinemas. A large variety of Multi Sports simulators are also available and can be designed into your project. 


Cre8tive Rooms are based in Guildford and were looking to implement a telephone system that not only provided them with room for expansion but also ensure that they had the state of the art technology to meet any future improvements.

When we originally spoke to Nick, they wanted to ensure that if they were not in the office, their presence were still felt as well as providing customers with a national presence.

They wanted to be able to grow the LG telephone system when the time is right, but didn’t want to pay for the privilege now.

How Sirus Helped

State of the Art

We installed a state of the art IPECS telephone system with numerous features to the customer. Not only have we provided them with 2 x SIP trunks, but they can also take advantage of the Mobile Communicator, meaning that that are able to communicate with the office while being away from the office. We have ensured that if they are not at the office and someone leaves a voice mail message it is sent to them via email.

National Presence

One of Cre8tives requirements was to be able to offer customers a 03 number for customers to contact them. We were able to provide our customer with a selection of numbers so they could choose the best one for their needs. This number was activated and tested while the engineer was on site meaning it was live from day 1!


As part of our initial discussions with Nick he wanted to be able to carry our marketing campaigns across different areas in the country. We were able to offer him geographic numbers quickly and efficiently for these campaigns meaning that when someone phones them Cre8tive would know which campaign it phoning.

What Did They Say?

“Now we have a state of the art telephone system we can concentrate on visiting customers, knowing that our communications are up to date and that we will not loose any business. With the Communicator App we are able to speak to customers while away from the office easily while giving the impression we are at our desk. The 03 number also means we can have a national presence while being based in Guildford”. Nick Oke, Director, Cre8tive Rooms Ltd

When The Saints Go Marching In!

Posted on November 9, 2015 by

Sirus Telecom have taken delivery of their latest football memorabilia. A Saints 2015-2016 signed away shirt.

Sirus have been supporting The Saints Foundation for the past 5 years, winning various football shirts. The shirt is part of our continued support for The Saints Foundation.


The Charity works with over 25,000 individual participants each year, accumulating to over 200,000 visits across a range of projects within the core themes of; Football & Sports Participation, Education, Youth Engagement, Disability Sport and Homelessness.

Our success is based on strong partnerships with funding partners, delivery organisations, Southampton Football Club and the Club’s magnificent fan base who continually contribute donations and take part in fundraising projects year in year out to ensure we continue to make a difference.

The Charity raises in excess of £1million year on year to support disadvantaged young people and vulnerable adults, breaking down barriers within communities.  The Saints Foundation aims optimises the power of the football to create a lasting legacy for many years to come.

All money raised contributes to the operational costs for the delivery of the Saints Foundation’s core theme projects which covers; Education, Disability Sport, Youth Inclusion, Homelessness & external good causes.

Come On You Reds!!!