Telephone Systems

Sirus TelecomsSirus Telecoms

With today’s ever changing business communication environment your business telephone system needs to do far more than just handle telephone calls. When it all comes down to it, success in business is about communication, and effective communication is impossible without the right system, that's where Sirus comes in. We can advise, recommend and help you in choosing the right system for your existing and future needs

Fixed Calls and Lines

Sirus TelecomsSirus Telecoms

We provide business telephone calls and exchange line packages tailored to meet the specific communications requirements of our business customers. Whether it’s to arrange the installation of new lines or you want to transfer your existing services, Sirus makes everything quick and easy with no disruption to your business operations.

Internet and Data

Sirus TelecomsSirus Telecoms

Access to the Internet has become a mission critical tool for almost every business with many heavily reliant on it to communicate and conduct business effectively. Whether it’s a need for a simple reliable, cost effective service for home workers, business grade broadband for small offices or a dedicated connection for business critical communications we have a variety of solution that will allow your business flourish.







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